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If we’re honest, we'll admit our days are filled with normal routines like eating cereal and sitting in traffic. We often wonder, “is this it?” 

But do we really have to quit our jobs and travel the world to find a fulfilling, purposeful life? Is it possible to find significance in our daily routines, right here and now?

After experiencing a rapid series of major life changes within a single year, Nate stumbled upon a reality that’s shared by us all: there's profound meaning in our ordinary, everyday moments, but we can't see it.

Through painfully-honest storytelling and candid conversation, written from a Christian perspective for both spiritual and non-spiritual readers, Nate shares how years of mistakes and missteps uncovered a simple framework that reveals the greater purpose behind our everyday lives, and why the answers to life's deep questions are often backward from what we expect.

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"Great life lessons are packaged here, and Nate writes in a way that really puts you right in the middle of his stories. You can almost see what he sees, taste what he tastes, and feel what he feels!" 


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